Jewish-Bolshevik Destruction of Christianity in Russia – World War 2 Truth

What does the Russian Revolution have to do with World War II? Everything! First of all, it was not a revolution but rather a coup de’ etat planned and executed by Jewish bankers and terrorists. Everyone in Europe was horrified by what was occurring in Russia, and feared it would spread. Attempts were in fact made to implement Jewish communist governments in Germany, Spain and Hungary for example, so the threat was very real , despite the fact that there was a complete media blackout in the United States. European Fascism and National Socialism was a REACTION of self-preservation, not a movement of aggression and control like we were told. The destruction of European Christian culture was devastating, and changed Russia forever. It is estimated that 60-90 million people were murdered during the Jewish reign of terror that lasted from 1917-1989.

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