(((Facebook))) Donates $2.5 million to (((ADL))) – The Realist Report

Facebook, one of the world’s leading internet giants that is owned and controlled by left-leaning Jews like Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg, recently announced it would be donating $2.5 million to the Anti-Defamation League, a Jewish supremacist organization dedicated to shutting down the First Amendment, eliminating criticism and factual statements about Jewish power and influence in the world, and promoting homosexuality, transgenderism, and massive Third World immigration into America.



Free Association for the awakening of the Zio-Bubba Chick New & Improved Program- Official Illustrated Brochure

Version 3.0.2

Awakening Association “Per Aspera ad Astra”®

per aspera

Incipit: “Get rid of your shame. You’ll see a new world!…Even if, from upside-down…”

Introduction to the purposes: Mission & Basic Program

In the face of a vast and currently unresolved social and ethical problem, sometimes blatant in its constant suffering, though too often hidden behind voyerism, trendy-trashy fashion, mere exteriority or veils of moralizing mold, a bleak and deafening silence of the Institutions, Experts and Think-Tanks, has so far pervaded us: no Democratic Progressive Movement in the truest sense of the word, no pressure group invoking Human Rights, has ever wanted to address the Issue with seriousness and dedication.

Whether it is due to incapacity or blindness, selfishness or impotence, it is not our task to investigate.

To this day I have the honor and the burden to enter a perhaps unexpected but extremely significant reality .
Our Association, smartly provided with itinerant Headquarters & proudly sponsored by the Intl’ Consortium of Geophysics ‘Explorando Excello’, is now a NGO that operates under the High Patronage of the Rolling Pin.


It is officially recognized by the UN ‘Human Rights Committee’ and the EU ‘Commission for Pair Opportunities’.
It can’t boast the Appointment of Her Majesty the Queer so far, but is proud to meet the complete UNI-EN-ISO 9001 standards for Quality Certification.

The Core Concept of our NGO can be expressed by a common saying. A Popular one, such as the Services we are pleased to offer to the deserving and needy zio-Chicks:

‘Though & Fat, Jump on my Butt®’ (courtesy of the Ladies of the zio-strip. T-shirt available in our Store).

From a purely commercial point of view & international communication purposes however, our Pay-Off is albeit concise but extremely pregnant:

“Free, Useful, Unbelievable-orgasm for zio-Chicks”™. (henceforth indicated as F.U.U.C.™)

Short Operational Notes:

Going into the details of what it is offered, it should be clarified without delay, We request one Thing, and One only : the ‘ Available Assertiveness™’ of our chosen and fortunate Patients.
Our Program winds through a well-defined phase of Shared Maneuvers, unequivocally aimed at an abundant Personal Growth in all Fields.
For these reasons, the approach reserved to the Patients will be purely therapeutic.


The employed Staff is equipped with an outstanding psycho-physical C.V., which sounds almost redundant with respect to the tasks that are in charge. In particular, we guarantee a moral Force of Character, Endurance & Physical Performance’ Outfit well above-average. The founder of the Association, who shares the pleasure to show the current topics to you, has grabbed his MD a few years back. Since then, he’s spent much time abroad specializing. He’s now proud to announce his PhD has been achieved. In his academic circle he’s renown as the ‘Enduring Professor’. His will and body have been forged throughout a full dedication to extreme sports. His mind has undertaken many meditative sessions on the Himalaya in order not to leave anything to the chance. Other fellow therapists provide adequate knowledge and dedication to the task, too.

Students Life:

We extensively use certified audio-video-teaching aids of the latest generation, reproducing music, videos, images, ASMR & holograms of the Bush as well as verbal, pregnant & meaningful Incitements to reach the aspired Goal.9bc20a165292ce67d53677cf711200ff--jungle-animals-wild-animals

As mentioned, our Vision provides a strict Scientific Approach to the Patients, borrowed from ‘PAIR Reviewed™’ (*1) thesis via a continuous confrontation as well as a deep, previous experience in the Sector, which has been acquired throughout a long militancy in the various continents.
A constant critical examination of the metabolized Knowledge, operated through long sessions of self-thinking & nocturnal meditating Yoga, as well as persistent Brain Storming with groups of Novices, have so long perfected the Lay-Out of the Program – offered today Free from any Charge and aimed at sharing Knowledge by helping more & more zio-Gals in making it out of their talmudic Tunnel.

Mission in the Real World:

Our self-imposed & concentrated Effort is nothing but a Solid Mission of Social Order, able to boost Psycho-Physical benefits and to bear pleasant economic effects(*2) as well.

We are extremely focalized in Stopping Sexism. We strive to obtain full equality in Sexual Realization between zio-Female and Male. For this reason we’ve demanded to be formally recognized as a neo-Feminist organization.

Thus, we have soon stated to go Straight-to-the-Point with a highly effective, special targeted, innovative Program™ which has been tested for years on-the-Field with impressive, unprecedented positive Results.
We say ” Enough! ” to eternal expectations of ‘Mr. Orgasm’ packaged as love.
‘Stop!’, to intimate discontent and badly repressed tensions.
We yell: ‘No!’ to suffering-induced psycho-somatic diseases, aerobics sessions on the doors’ knob, sexual abuse of bicycle saddles, improbable experiments ‘in Vivo’ of exotic and dangerous/heterogeneous equipment.

We save our Patients from exhausting & never-ending stages of Plateau culminating in a cigarette bedside.
We fight the Holocaust of Orgasms that our society produces with increasing intensity. This perverse illness affects the most intimate, helpless and valuable part of our modern World.israeli_defense_force_girls_gone_wild_640_25

Our business is totally disinterested and free: we provide appropriate Skills to deserving and needy zio-Chicks.

The warranty we offer, in compliance with current EU legislation, is biennial. Extendable, if required, till 4 years.
‘Satisfied or Back on My Six Pack®’ is not a Maxim dictated by marketing needs.. It’s Our hinge Axiom.


Articulation of the Course and Rules of Engagement (ROE) for undergraduate zio-chicks:

The admission of the Patient is subject to Anamnesis and Check-up . This may comprise a quick gynecological examination and / or anal shower for the comfort of the Cadet and the Therapist, at full discretion of the Operative Staff.

Practical Rules and Behavior of the Enrolled:

The Cadet will be provided with an ID code which is not exchangeable under penalty of exclusion from the Official Program®. This, in order to anonymize the patients and to avoid conflicts, jealousies or long-time intimate-relation issues in-between the Permanent Staff and the Patient.
Besides the already mentioned Available Assertiveness®, basic prerequisite to the course, the Patients will have to prove their actual interest in the imparted ‘Art of Devotion to Priapus’.

Staff -Behaviour Code & Ethics of the Personnel:

As a fundamental Rule of Behaviour and Ethic Code, The Therapists are compulsorily required to wear clean, ironed white medical Coats and polished Black German Boots.



The Patients are free to wear casual, trendy, edgy costumes, work uniforms, evening dress, striped pajamas or no clothes at all. Same option is accepted for their undies.

The Therapist on Duty must indicate without delay the Digit (along with the possible additional letter indicating the Variant- i.e.: 3-B) of the Therapeutic Maneuver to be taken. The Code needs compulsorily to be set out in a Clear and Calm Tone.
It will unequivocally request a certain physical Posture to be taken immediately by the Cadet, in order to allow the administration of the Therapy in the most appropriate and effective manner.IMG_20170918_230001

On the other hand, the Therapist is ethically obliged to observe an attitude of Frugality, little according to hedonism.

He may, at its own discretion, take notes during the Session via a pocket-size Voice Recorder.


The Closed-Circuit TV will be used solely on the basis of a previous agreement between the Cadet and the Therapist, in accordance with any applicable provision of Privacy.

Chemical drugs and / or an excess of alcohol which would distort the voluntary nature of the Administration, as well as ‘snuff’ films and local stimulators with or without battery, are strictly banned and cannot be invoked by the Patient under any circumstance – whether not clinically motivated & certified by the operating Staff.

Aims of the Course:

The main Aim of the Training Path we offer, is to achieve Self-Awareness of our Patients in any Situation, Condition and Body Position.
Driving the Maiden through an incremental process consisting of several phases of Self-Consciousness, is our true gamble.

Each rung of the steep ladder leading to the Enlightment, will be climbed with the aid of Natural Catalysts.

We observe the firm scientific Belief based on the proven concept that, the more the Phase is Intense, the more the Patient’s Progress is Evident.

The Hinge of the entire Program is the constant adherence to the Principles of Nature, avoiding easy but disastrous lapses in post-modernist hedonism. Or worse, in border-line narcissism.

The aims we want to achieve as a certified NGO consist of the complete re-evaluation of the current zio-Females (zio-jewesses, zio-activists, anti-raciSSt globo chicks, libtards, feminists, cucked social warrior tards, politically correct assholes etc), so to have them turned into Wise Dispensers of Joy and Love. (*3)

Once the Basic Program –which is articulated on an average of 5 sessions- has been fully deployed, the Therapy might be delivered in additional Doses. This can occur at indisputable discretion of the Therapist, whose judgement will be based on Proven Needs of Clinical Order.

General Location & Study Plan

The Therapy Sessions will be held in a comfortable, natural environment, where the zio-Chicks can unfold in a warm and exotic atmosphere.

The Therapeutic Program™ allows an increasing number of selected Complementary Subjects® to be chosen by the healing Patient. The list will be updated & implemented following solely the desires of the Cadet and the effectiveness / efficiency ratio of the selected Topics.

At the end of the Course, a Public Workshop will show in an incontrovertible manner the inner development of the zio-Chick’s conscience & character.


The list of the already approved complementary subjects is shown hereby:

a) -Introductory lines to Intimate Socialization: natural human leather Items: how to polish and stretch them.
b) -Art & Culture: Lap & Booty dance, erotic Movies & classic Eros-related Tales from Albius Tibullus to zio Charles Bukowski
c) -Linguistics: the use of the popular Language & Gesture as a prodrome to orgasm: Swear Words, Tender Slaps, Squeezing Grips.
d) – Awakening Exercise: ‘In the Wild’: a full-contact/face-to-face meeting with Nature: Bird watching, Human-Pelvis riding, Bouncing technique.
e) -Cuisine for the traditionalists: Scent & Taste below the belt: the Sushi’ choice
f)-Literature & Acting: erotic novels with particular attention to the emotionally involving production of the late 60s (Emmanuelle the Anti-virgin). Re-enactments on request.
g) -Singing: The Carmine of the Fallopian Tubes.
Alternatively: Workshop: anal orgasm When & How.
h) -Fitness & Recreational Activities: the Dance of the Pole performed on volunteering Therapists’ groin.
i) -Costume: Carnival and sex: the erotic disguise: the masked cock, the over-gifted, the crazy penetrator, the jackhammer, the olympic gush, the fishing Duck.
j) -Natural sciences: Compendium of Sexuality: the human penis: size, shape, technical features & power, use & maintenance. -User’s Manual available on site
k) – Applied Sciences: the 4 phases of penetration: a) propping, b) insertion, c) boost, e) Rebound – Avoid backbeats!
l) -Astronomy: the Mysteries of the Black Hole
m)-Physics: how to find-and enjoy- your own G Point.
n) -Survival Techniques: how to breathe on the Six Pack.
o) -For the Creative ones:
Sublime Art : the caress of the Cane. (With practical demonstration) (*4).

(*): Notes and Bibliography:

(*1) PAIR reviewing Committee: Resident Three Members’ Medical Board: two rolling subordinates on the sides, the big president permanently sitting in the mid.

(*2): A recent article published on March-2013 in ‘Fortune’ Mag upholds what we already knew as a fact:

“A good orgasm can achieve positive effects on your economic & financial side. Sometimes, even beyond expectations.
In fact, 83% of the Alumni zio-Chicks previously involved in our Therapeutic Program™, have seen their income boosting up to an av. of 58%”.
As a side note we can add that most of them were aged between 25-39 y.o. (statistically referred to as “dash-2” sub-group of Patients)

The statistics and the sources of this Brochure have been scrutinized and approved selectively and/or as a whole by the female members of the notorious association of Grass-Rooters known as the WJC, in collaboration with “Freud’s Friends”, the Psychological Facility for moral charity and inner development based in Brooklin’s Campus. We are awating the final approval stamp from Planned Parenthood and the SPLC.

(*3) We have also perfected a Sonder-Treatment for the needy, young and confused zio-dykes.
It will be administered via a specific irradiation of naturally-transmitted, extremely potent, groin-powered-shock Waves . A full decade has been spent by us right on the spot, in order to acquire both, the Yin and the Yang. Although currently in Beta Phase, the effects our Special Therapy has achieved ‘in Vivo’ so far, do allow us to classify our revolutionary Method’s primary results as ‘Encouraging’.

Our Experts, as full time members of the notorious ‘No Limit Academy’, are fully concentrated in offering the widest choice of Natural Treatments© available on the market. And to render them available & effective to any deserving zio-Chick.258s

(*4) : The list is intended to be updated constantly.
We don’t take responsibility if the selected Subject will show different features from what advertised in the present informative document.
If there is some different quote between the above illustrated points and our latest Brochure, please refer to the latter.


Salute to the enrolled Force and general Tips for the proper Navigation of the Cadet.

We would like to address a respectful wish to our Candidates. Join us!
Meanwhile, don’t let Life bring you down. Keep Your Back Straight Up!
At least, until you enter our Training Facility®.

And, as the famous, greeting motto goes:
‘There’s no great Man with no great Pussy lying close to him®’
Application available for the next course
Not convinced yet?

Our variously articulated Program has been engineered and tailored to fulfill all Needs and Desires.
Yet, you don’t feel ready for the Real World?
Be aware, it is absolutely normal to feel inappropriate or shy. That feeling is adherent to human nature, somehow. But please, before giving it up let yourself take into consideration that ALL your doubts and shyness will magically disappear as soon as you touch our Therapy with hand!
Now, to finally make your mind up, I’ll throw in a Bonus, which alone is worth thousands dollars:
when you’ll be passing your Final Examination & Proficiency Test (and you will pass it, be sure about!),
You’ll be gifted a tiny pair of Black BootSS® & Silver Chain you can use as a necklace-pendant or anklet: an eternal memory of your time spent with Us.
Alternatively, you can choose an all-season Tattoo which will be compulsorily engraved on your cheeks.
Your Bonus will reproduce the same, classic model of Black, Human Leather Boots, your Team of committed & devoted Therapists will be wearing during the entire Course.
No more time to waste: we wait for you!

– keywords: Love, Devotion, Awakening, BootSS-

Topic Disclaimer and Partial Tutorial:

“If you are not completely satisfied with our service, for any reason, contact us within 30 days of your experience and we will promptly refund 100% of your spent time, according to our policy.
W’ll provide a new, improved, BOMB proof butt-therapy which won’t miss the target. Our applying members are able to contact a certain amount of committed Therapists, but you shouldn’t be looking for love and marriage under any circumstance.
No lose butts, no anti-cum filters and non-delivered groin blows. Create your personal profile and start receiving unlimited amount of butt-blows from Therapists.
Zio chicks may be first to initiate the contact.

Advertise Yourself by E-mail: Send your personal Ad to 10 committed and devoted Therapists and receive numerous letters with photos directly from qualified Professors and Doctors interested in you. YOU will read their messages and choose those, whom you like!
No hidden or additional fee…..!! It is all Free of any Charge, as per our solid Tradition!


Thanks for choosing Our Therapy®. Welcome to the New Heaven!
We are working harder to improve the overall quality of our Products and try our best to assure what we express here to be accurate and integrated, but we won’t take Law responsibility in possible case of omission.
If your asshole gets lose, your physical equipment damaged because of your mistaken operation or your personal Joy gets prevented due to your own equipment’s’ problems, we won’t take any responsibility.

Be a Testimonial for F.U.U.C. Therapy™!

You can be selected for a week-end FREE trip to NaZZweiler® !


You can win a multiple-journey-EU Visa for the Aliens’ occupied Schengen Area!

Furthermore, you will be automatically enlisted in our Alumni Association & receive free, weekly updates on the scheduled, itinerant Simposia.

Email us!

Are you a unsatisfied zio-chick?

Are you a young, betrayed zio-crisis actress who’s been denied proper career or a wealthy life oversea?

Are you a meditative or joyful young zio gal who is thirsty for the Knowledge the zio-system will never be able to provide?

Or, are you relative to hoaxed parents and/or friend to a pensioned zio-rabbi yearning the ‘great israel’?

Are you missing your bang-meditation’ night sessions?

You firmly believe democracy will save the world and political fairness is a resource to our times?

Do you honestly have faith in PAIR reviewed scientists and big pharma?

Do you believe modern sport industry is a school of life for many a mongrel?

You keep telling your education system is not perfect. Yet you consider yourself fortunate to live in a world where unbiased info, liberty, progress and hi-tech are offered to the people?

You are intimately convinced weather mods do not exists and chemtrails are nothing but contrails produced by aircrafts flying low?

Do you believe the HoloHoax did happen and 9/11 was committed by cutter wielding muzzies who diverted real planes?

You still praise the Sense of the Nation of Silverstein?

Do you tell yourself the dancing israelis were just a bunch of hip-hop fags in kippa celebrating their shabbat with the wrong calendar?

You’re still convinced Armstrong could shit on the Moon..?

..and that Wiesel was a ‘$urv’…?

Do you carry the sad belief about vaccines saving your life and chemio being a life-saving cure?

You are still convinced modern ‘pop’, ‘rap’, zio-techno & hip-hop music are the natural outfit of the righteous protests of underprivileged people?

Are you convinced YOLO is your faith and nature and sex are a matter of personal choice?

In your guess Holly-jew is it still an unsurpassed forge of international, unbiased artistic talents?

In your hidden sentiments, you feel zios are there to protect young kids, provide pair opportunities to men and women, protect the weak and establish a free world with no wars?

Do you often smell milk before drinking because you suspect it of being racist?

Do you get goose skin when casually spotting a statue?

Do you eventually skip Chinese restaurants because of their redundant amount of White rice served?

Do you hate winter mountains’ lanscape due to its ontologic Whiteness?

Do you better sniff Brown Sugar instead of White Thai heroin due to a reason of racial bias?

Then, You fully qualify for our Free Services!

Have your free Jaw-Dropping and Mind Blowing experience NOW!
Pre-emptive or Maintenance Classes will be held all week-long solely for our Registered Patients:

…………. Make your Free Reservation ……………….NOW!………………………..

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Case Ezra Pound

Pound’s economic theories, the flow of his radio talks and the blood of his Cantos, originate from the Social Credit plan of Major C. H. Douglas and the doctrine of “free money” of Silvio Gesell. Gesell (1862-1930) wished to eliminate non-labor incomes, such as interest and rent. He proposed issuing “shrinking money” (*Schwundgold*) which would weekly lose 0.1 percent of its face value, under the purchasing power control. Thus, such money could not be withheld from the market; it would cease to draw primary interest and become free. Douglas blamed our poverty-in-the-midst-of-plenty and the boom-depression cycles depression cycles on the control of production and credit by a few finances. Let us, he said, form one great holding company of securities, the United States Inc., for example, compute to the total national wealth, and, upon this, declare to all citizens a certain national dividend to be paid monthly. With the control of prices, wages, profits, with the consumers’ demands parallel with production, the national dividend becomes the difference between production and consumption. Establish an equitable distribution of social credit; maintain private enterprise under a controlled profit system.


Adolf Hitler was not a Controlled Agent. He was not a Rothschild. | Entity Art

Some ill-informed, and not very well read people, will suggest Hitler was a Controlled Agent, or even that he was jewish or a Rothschild… some type of Controlled Opposition – saying that Adolf Hitler wasn’t genuinely fighting against the New World Order and the jewish banking cartels. Honestly, these people have either not done the relevant research or are incapable of critical thinking – and many of these people in the alternative media who say these things are disinfo agents – Controlled Opposition Zionist shills. Below is the main body of an article by an excellent blogger called ‘diggerfortruth’, there are some additional quotes and links as well:

(And all who are knowledgeable, and well read, know this New World Order / One World Government / Globalization agenda is a jewish agenda, stemming from their doctrines: the Talmud, the Zohar, the Kabbalah… and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion)


**If Hitler was an agent for the jews – then why …**

…**haven’t all the key historians/revisionists such as David Irving picked up on this theory in all the collective years of their intense detailed research?** David Irving (as just one example) has spent 20 years of his life, at a professional level, detailing Hitler’s life and the logistics of WW2. Are we to believe he just happened to overlook this glaringly awkward anomaly? David speaks fluent German, has lived in Germany, and has interviewed heaps of SS officers and relevant people who were around Hitler’s war effort. He has looked under every stone, meticulously scrutinizing all the German detailed documentation (being able to understand it/translate it himself). David was a super sharp-minded individual at the time of his research. He was a real threat to the jews and was incarcerated for his incredible efforts and levels of accuracy. No way would a man of this calibre just repeat the narrative of others. He was/is a competent and independent researcher. And there are heaps and heaps and heaps of similar detailed WW2/revisionists/researchers like him. Have they all overlooked this fantastic theory? An agent? Come on


California is signaling that one would be a fool to invest in its future

By R.B.

Quote: By reducing the idea of citizenship to the point of meaninglessness, California is signaling that one would be a fool to invest in its future, to be part of a larger community that works to ensure the blessings of liberty not only for themselves, but for posterity.

As Victor Davis Hanson, a Californian and historian, correctly observed, the California government—completely saturated with the progressive worldview—has become both dysfunctional and predatory. Hanson wrote:

Those who administer California’s plagued Department of Motor Vehicles and high-speed rail authority may often be inept and dysfunctional, but the state’s tax collectors are the most obsessive bureaucrats in the nation.

What is Sacramento’s message to those who combine to pay half the state’s income taxes and have not yet left California?

“Be gone, or we will eat you!”

It’s the dawn of a dark age in California, indeed.

California’s War on Citizenship